Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Images of a lovely Christmas

We've had a lovely few days filled with food, family and lots of presents. Hope yours was full of joy too. I was struck down with a cold this morning (I've been fighting it - toobusy - but now  it seems to have won) so I'll get up to date with my journal, but for now here are a few pics from the last few days.
Tracking Santa's progress on Christmas Eve, with website and atlas.
Stockings - first thing Christmas morning. Ours started at 4am, can anyone beat that?

Father Christmas brought us all new socks
Children's lunch (in the utility room at my SIL's house) before we adults ate
More presents

M with her cousin J

 Flaming the Christmas puddings, after a delicious turkey dinner

Giggling. Boxing Day at my Mum's house.

M with her Nanny
The aftermath, this morning. A huge pile of presents.

I was a very lucky girl this year. Among my presents were a lovely scarf, the cash to go shopping for a new handbag, and a Kindle. Love it. Wasn't really expecting that, although I'd dropped a few hints. What was your favourite present?


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Susie said...

My favourite present was being with all my lovely family on Christmas Day