Sunday, 17 July 2011

An Oriental Scrapbook Page

This photo, not the greatest, was taken at a newly-opened Chinese restaurant near us on Father's Day. I love Chinese food and was keen to try it so I decided to kill 3 fathers with 1 Chinese meal (metaphorically speaking!). It was great. Lovely food, beautiful decor complete with indoor waterfall and stream, and good value for money. The icing on the cake The batter on the prawn balls was that both M and R enjoyed the experience. R, particularly, is a very fussy eater but even he tasted paper-wrapped prawns and sweet and sour chicken for the first time. For all parents, I think, a dining expereince can be made or broken by their children's behaviour. I was proud of my two on this occasion, and have to admit to also feeling a little smug as my mother hadn't wanted to bring them with us.

I'd had the chipboard lanterns for a while, but they suited the theme perfectly. I like the effect of 3 co-ordinating ournaling spots instead of 1 longer one. I may do something with the empty space on the left, but I'm not sure what yet.
As usual, I made a card with the leftovers, instead of putting them back in my scraps book.

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