Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New class - Explore.

I have joined up for Shimelle's most recent class, Explore, which sounds most exciting and mysterious.  We are using a 'Play Book' and a printable workbook. As I will be away for most of this class, my family journal cum Smash book will also do triple service as my playbook. (My favourite maxim; 'Kill two birds with one stone'!) I blogged the front cover a few weeks ago, but here are the first few pages, setting the tone for something everyone in the family can contribute to.

I particularly like each person's self portrait next to their particular choices of holiday activity. They will be precious in years to come. Each member of the family chooses one thing they especially want to do and everybody else has to join in. It seems to help with family harmony and reduce the 'this is boring' whinge which I hate so much.

The workbook consists of mini pages with a summary of the day's prompt so I will print these and add them to my journal when I can't do the full prompts.
Prompt 1 called for a self portrait with my camera. Oh alright, then, here you are:



Winnie said...

Great pics and it looks like a great start to the playbook/journal!

Mandy McK (Moogieof4) said...

I have been enjoying following along with your forum posts for EXPLORE... great ideas. Just wanted to let you know your blog link from the forum doesn't work for me...I had to google your blog to find you. Maybe it's just me but I wanted to let you know :)
See you in class,
Mandy McK (Moogieof4)