Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Explore - Adventure

Postcards of our adventures:
As far as conventional 'adventures' go, mine are all linked with GirlGuiding. I have been abseiling (hated it); canoeing (OK); rock climbing and potholing (never again) and camping (love it).
I have slept under the stars in an olive grove with 2 Italian Boy Scouts, climbed Mt Etna in 40C heat and taught English to Czech and Slovak Guides.

Buying Le Bourg in France was a great adventure. It was a huge financial decision, but one which we have never regretted. Every time we cross the Channel feels like an adventure, yet it is also like coming home. The children adore it there too. That adventure will certain continue.
Parenthood, however, is the greatest adventure of them all. I had an easy pregnacy with R followed by a horrendous birth, and vice versa with M, but that was only the beginning of the journey.  I was never prepared for the overwhelming sense of love and responsibility. Every single day now, the decisions I make affect R and M and the last 9 years have been so intense. M starts full time school in September so it feels as if a whole new andventure is about to start.


Lisa-Jane said...

Good grief yes, kids are certainly an adventure. One with no map, no return ticket and no sickness pills! Well done on getting the portrait done.

Winnie said...

Having just had my first baby, I'm about to embark on the adventure that is parenting! You've certainly done a lot of adventurous things in your life too. I'm sure they are all great memories!

Sian said...

Hi Kirsty I'm having a catch up after being away. You have made me smile with your comment about adventures and the Guides - I could say the same thing. I loved Guides.

I'm seeing lots of lovely self portraits as I read round and yours is another beauty. It's good to see you!