Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Freedom. Inspiration

word games
new novels
beautiful landscapes
craft magazines

(Note to self - no need to use quite so much PVA glue!)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

At least I can leave a comment on your blog. So many I can't do that. I thought you had joined WOYWW this week and looked for you, but I see you are enjoying your time off and writing a lot of lists. I am really impressed with your journal page. It is gorgeous, even though you can see the glue, which I would not have seen had you not said something.

You asked why I was dyeing baby wipes. They are technically NOT baby wipes but the wipes you clean your hands on. Once they are dry, I wash them in water to remove the excess scent and cleaner. After I dye them, I will use them in art projects, specifically for my little quiltlets or as decorations for my visual journal covers. They sew beautifully and won't stretch out of shape the way dryer sheets can. Thanks for asking.

humel said...

Love this!! Funny, I made an art journal page about rain and rainbows this week too :) I like your way better though!