Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Week in the Life of Me- Wednesday (and a bit of jewellery)

5.30am Wake up abruptly with cramp but manage to go back to sleep.
6.30am Wake again when the alarm goes off. I Cup of Tea #1. M woke for milk at 3am so she knows she can't have any this morning.Shower. Get dressed. Check emails and see how many comments have been left on my last post. Let R have extra 5 mins in bed, which I know I will pay for.7.20am Wake R and M. Make breakfast. Eat breakfast: cereal all round.
7.40am (how did that happen?)R wants 2nd bowl. Cup of tea #2. Feed fish. Make lunchbox. Put in bag. Rush R through dressing .
8.00am Kiss R goodbye and wave him into taxi, just ready in time.  Finish getting M dressed. Do my make up and put on earrings.Make beds.Wash up. Wipe  kitchen surfaces. Give M dose of cough medicine.
8.25am. Take M to childminder's.Remember her coat today, although it's already warm enough that she won't need it.
8.40am Drive to work. Pop into College briefly to make last minute photocopies before driving on to Community Centre.
9.10am Arrive at Community Centre. Cup of tea#4. Get books, CD player etc ready. Give out certificates, student card, homework. Collect payment, homework. Cnsult colleague over a student's query.
9.30am Entry 2 class. 'Body image' vocabulary and 1st Conditional. No break - need to speak to individuals
11.30 am Brief friendly chat to colleague before driving back to college.
12.00 Post Colleague's sympathy card. Collect certificate for student. Lunch from the canteen - gammon and vegetables. Phone a student. Check work emails. Send work emails. Prepare afternoon's class. Photocopy for tomorrow. Chocolate bar. Cup of tea#4
2.00pm 6th Form class. Formal / informal language revision. Only 4 students as the others have exams so I let them go early
3.00pm. Unexpected free hour. Finish marking. Debate whether I have time to fit in a Sainsbury's shop before collecting M. Decide: Just. Do shopping, including half term treats and birthday cake, and a copy of Molly Makes magazine.
4.30pm Collect M from childminder's. Back home. Mum and Dad are there with R who finishes earlier than me on Wednesday.  Put shopping away. Cup of tea #5. Pick strawberries in the garden with R and M.5.00pm Check both book bags. Listen to phone messages. Finally, a splint appointment - which I can't make. Phone back and leave another message. Check emails - new 'interim' headteacher has been appointed for R's school. He was previously at my nephew's school so phone SIL for some gen on him. Positive feedback, but while I was on the phone M has fallen asleep.
5.45pm This calls for a quick tea. Boiled eggs. Sit down with children while they eat. R talks about his Sponsored Walk. 20 laps of the school field. He has a blister on his heel. M is almost too sleepy to eat so I have to feed her..
6.00pm . M has got her second wind and demands to make up a jewellery kit she was given for her birthday. I set that up while overseeing R's spellings. He needs o be bribed with some computer time with Daddy. M got the hang of her beading quickly so I put together a simple child's necklace and bracelet for the school fair at the same time.

6.45pm Hive of activity interrupted when P comes home. M upstairs to get ready for bed. R on computer. Give M milk and settle her in front of Bedtime Hour. Sweep floor. Bring in Washing#4. Put R's sponsor money in book bag.
7.15pm P goes back out to play a snooker match.
7.20pm Teeth, story (What the Ladybird Heard) and bedtime song (Twinkle, Twinkle again) for M. Put dinner in oven. Get books ready for tomorrow's lessons.
7.30pm (early tonight, but he was ready for bed, and  wsn't going to argue!) Teeth and story for R. Start 'Boy, by Roald Dahl.  Sit down to watch Waterloo Road. Go back upstairs to move M from R's bed back into  her own.
8.10pm. Dinner by  myself while watching Waterloo Road.
8.30pm Catch up with the blogs I follow
9.00pm With my trusty purple laptray, make 5 keyrings while watching 'The Apprentice'. I bought the 5 charms for 50p from a charity shop.

10.30pm Blog this. Make M's milk bottle and out beside her bed. Bathroom, Goodnight.

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Hi there Kirsty thanks for popping over and you do lead a busy life, Shaz in oz.x