Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Week in the Life of Me-Tuesday

Don't feel obliged to read this every day this week, as it will be pretty repetitive, but I found it very illuminating yesterday to record exactly how much I got done, and I was quite proud of myself. So, I am going to continue this for a week. This week is as 'normal' as any. After half term, I will take a week of pictures (can't cope with both at once) and then turn them into a mini book. I am 40 and M starts school full-time in September, so I think it will be interesting, in future, to see exactly how I spent my days at this unique stage of my life. If it bores you silly, I apologise, normal service will be resumed next week. There is a card at the end, if that helps!

 6.30am Wake with the alarm. I must have slept well; my glass of water is still full. Down it. Cup of Tea #1. Take M her morning bottle of milk. Shower. Get dressed. Check emails and see how many comments have been left on my last post.
7.15am Wake R. Tired and grumpy after his late night. Make breakfast. Eat breakfast: cereal for me, toast and chocolate spread for R. Cup of tea #2. M wakes up, cheerful and chatty. Feed fish. Make lunchbox. Put in bag with swimming bag. Give M dose of cough medicine. Make sure children clean teeth and get dressed. Do my make up and put on earrings.Make beds.
8.00am Kiss R goodbye and wave him into taxi. Wash up. Give kitchen cursory wipe over. Write in M's book for childminder. Check I have what I need for today's lessons.
8.25am. Take M to childminder's. Forget her coat. Luckily childminder has one she can borrow if it is cold when they walk to school.
8.40am Drive to work. Pop into College briefly to make last minute photocopies before driving on to Community Centre. Traffic not too bad and Russel Watson helps the journey pass pleasantly.
9.10am Arrive at work. Sit in the car for an extra 3 minutes, listening to the end of Russel Watson's version of Bohemian Rhapsody. Collect 'Shrek' (an acid-green Papermania tote trolley in use for my college work). Switch on computers. Get books ready
9.30am Cambridge Advanced English class. They have their exams in 3 weeks so stress levels high.
10.30am Cup of tea#3 and a Galaxy bar.
11.30am Pack up Shrek and drive back to College
11.50am Manage to find a parking space in the Staff Car Park.
12.00 6th Form class. Last minute revision.
1.00pm Chicken burger from the canteen. Complete paperwork for 2 sets of exam entries. Check work email. Chat with colleagues.
2.00pm Drive to R's school
2.15pm Annual Review Meeting about R at school. Fairly positive. I feel as though I fought his corner successfully
3.30pm Drive R home.
4.00pm Cup of tea#4 Talk to R about meeting. Make another phone call for a splint appointment. Leave another message.
4.30pm Collect M from childminder's. Sainsbury's Local for dinner. Put sausages in oven. While children are on the trampoline, hoover downstairs. Check emails. Check both book bags. Nothing today. Catch up with sone blogs.
5.45pm Sit down with children while they eat. Ask lots of 'open' questions to try to extract some information about their days at school.
6.15pm Oversee R's maths homework, which he did today with minimal fuss - result!
6.30pm Bathtime. Both children in together = more mess on the floor but quicker and they enjoy it. Put yesterday's washing away. Hoover upstairs. Wash hair. Realise both R's school jumpers are dirty and he has school photos tomorrow. Put on Washing#4
7.00pm Snuggle M in front of bedtime TV in her pyjamas with a bottle of milk. R and P on computer
7.30pm Teeth, story (Snow Bears) and bedtime song (always Twinkle, Twinkle) for M. Put dinner in oven. Get books ready for tomorrow's lessons.
8.00pm Teeth and story for R. Finish 'Spy Dog'. Put bins out. Put washing#4 into tumble dryer. Sit down to watch 'Holby City'. Go back upstairs to retrieve Little Bear from behind bed.
8.30pm. Dinner while watching 'Holby City'.
9.00pm Create a sympathy card for a colleague who recently lost her Mum

10pm Blog this. Make M's bottle of soya milk for the night and put it beside her bed. Bathroom. Goodnight.

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