Monday, 23 May 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Following on from A Day in Pictures, I've been thinking of blogging the timetable of an ordinary day in the Life of Me. Is this incredibly dull and navel-gazingly self-centred? or does are other people as nosy as me about how people live? Not sure, but here goes, anyway.

6 am Wake up to morning sunshine, having slept for a rare, undisturbed 8 hours. A good start. Read until the alarm goes off.
6.30am Shower. Cup of tea#1. Get dressed.
7.15am Go in to wake R. He is still in the Land of Nod, after an exciting birthday party for his sister yesterday, so I decide to allow him an extra 15 mins in bed. This means I will have to drive him to school and cancel  the normal taxi. Monday is the only day this is really feasible.
7.30am Wake R and M. Breakfast. Cup of tea#2. Feed fish. Make lunch box. Put load of washing on.  Get both children washed and dressed.
8.15am Into car. Drive to school. Ask other mothers whether an after-school activity is happening as R has not brought home his letter. It is. Good!
8.30am. Hang out Washing #1  and put Load #2 on. Cup of tea#3. Make beds.
9.10am Take M to swimming lesson. Get her changed. Mark 3 essays while 'watching' her swim. Get her dried. Snack. Quick visit to the playground on way back to car. Buy bread, cheese and soya milk.
10.45am. Hang out Washing#2. Put on Load #3. Make 2 phone calls. No answer. Leave messages.
11.15am. Make M cheese on toast for lunch. Start making the same for myself then remember I have leftovers from yesterday to eat. Eat lunch. Put work tote in car. Put makeup on. Get M changed into school uniform.
12.10pm Walk M to nursery. Leave her with one of the mothers I know and trust. Dash back to car and work.
12.25pm Arrive (just) in time for 12.30 class. Return essays. Collect others in. Teach Citizenship (The UK legal system today) and ESOL. Get 15 students signed up for the appropriate level exam.
2.30pm Back home. Unload Washing #3. Use tumble dryer this time as ominous black clouds overhead.
3.15pm Collect M from nursery. Buy her an ice lolly on the way home. Treat myself to a Magnum.
3.30pm Try phone calls again. No answer again. Check post. Check M's book bag. Put on Children's TV for M. Bring washing in. Wash up from lunch. Check emails. Fill in school forms and put back in book bag.
4.20pm Sit down with Cup of Tea #4 and a craft magazine.
4.45pm Put children's rea into oven (frozen pizza - has to be quick tonight and R has had popcorn and sweets at his after school 'Cinema Event') Defrost and marinate chicken breasts for P and me.
5.05pm. Collect R from school. Reheat pizzas and sweetcorn. While children are eating, check R's bookbag, empty lunchbox, get swimming stuff ready for tomorrow and Cub stuff ready for tonight. Prepare dinner for P and me.
6.00pm R changes into Cubs uniform. Supervise M brushing teeth and get her into pyjamas.
6.15pm Leave P to put M to bed and turn on oven. Drive R to Cubs (which, tonight, is taking place at a Scout Assault course 25 mins away).
6.45pm Kiss R and leave him to tackle the assault course Rain, which has been threatening all afternoon, now starts in earnest. I sit in a dry car and complete my marking then make a phone call to a friend.
8.15pm Drive R, muddy and tired, back home. Put him straight to bed, and Cubs uniform straight in the washing. Read the next exciting installment of 'Spy Dog'.
9.00pm Finally sit down with P to eat. Grilled chicken with Potato Dauphinoise and a glass of white wine. Watch Gordon Ramsey.
10pm Blog this. Make M's bottle of soya milk for the night and put it beside her bed. Bathroom. Goodnight.


Melissa said...

Interesting reading about your day!

Cath said...

I enjoyed reading this, I think we are all a bit nosey as to what others get up to.


Lynn said...

This makes me tired just reading it - it just goes to show how much you can pack into one day.