Friday, 27 May 2011

A Week in the Life of Me - Thursday

6.30am Wake with the alarm. Except for 1 interruption at 3am to give M another bottle of milk (which doesn't happen every night, now, but is still a regular occurrence) I slept OK. Shower. Get dressed. Check emails and see how many comments have been left on my last post.
7.15am Wake R. Tired. Lucky it's half term next week. M wakes up, cheerful and chatty. Make breakfast. Go back upstairs to get both children out of R's bed (they love doing this when we are on holiday) Eat breakfast: cereal with strawberries from the garden. Cup of tea #2. . Feed fish. Make lunchbox for R and me. Give M dose of cough medicine. Amazingly, when I go upstairs, both children are already dressed  not the outfit I would have chosen for M, but who cares? Do my make up and put on earrings.Make beds.
8.05am Kiss R goodbye and wave him into taxi. Wash up. Wipe surfaces
8.25am. Take M to childminder's.
8.35am Drive straight to Community Centre, having done my photocopying yesterday
9.05am Arrive at work. Set up books, warmer task, CD player. Cup of tea #3
9.20am My Keen Bean early arrivals look at me expectantly. It's not fair to start the class early as 1 lady always arrives bang on time, so give them a wordsearch to keep them happy and go to fiish my tea in the kitchen.
9.30am Entry 2. Revise 1st conditional. Vocabulary for describing people's personality. Going to the doctor.
11.30am Pack up books and move to another classroom for an extra CAE class (to make up for a lesson missed on the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday) Cup of tea #4+ a chocolate biscuit. 15 mins to do marking before next group of students arrives.
12.00 CAE. Speaking exam practice, and an imprompto discussion about multiculturalism and immigration.
1.00pm Break for lunch, but continue talking. Cheese sandwich and a glass of water.
2.00pm. Pack up again and drive back to college. Bag of crisps on the way.
2.20pm Photocopy for tomorrow. Check an error in exam entries has been corrected. Check work emails.
3.00pm 6th Form class.  5 students today but they had all been absent on Tuesday so repeated that lesson.
4.00pm Chat to colleagues.
4.30pm Collect M from childminder's. My Dad is at home with R, who is playing the Wii. R shows me his sticker for getting work on the school Golden Board. First time ever. Very proud of himself. Put dinner in oven. Cup of tea #5. Check book bags - 6 letters, 3 asking for money.Check emails
5.30pm Sit down for tea. Eat lasagne and garlic bread with children as P will not be home this evening. Chat about day. Heavy rainstorm, followed by a double rainbow.
6.00pm R does his spellings, M finishes her necklace, while I catch up with blogs.
6.15pm Put both children in the bath. Grab 20 minutes to lay on bed and read. Hair wash. Uniforms in washing. Both children choose clothes for Mufti Day tomorrow.
6.45pm R and M watch Bedtime Hour. Fill in forms and sort out payment. Transfer details to calendar and return to book bags.
7.30pm M to bed. Bottle. Teeth. Story (Sly Fox and Red Hen) Song. Blog about my handbag
8.00pm R to bed. Chapter 2 of 'Boy. Channel hop a little, but nothing good on.
9.30pm Blog this. Make M's milk bottle and leave by her bed. Bathroom. Cup of tea#6 in bed. Read. Goodnight.


Cath said...

I am loving this insight into your life and will be sorry when it stops.


Sian said...

The detail in this is going to be fascinating in the future - I bet you will look back with satisfaction when you see how much time you spend helping the kids out with things

humel said...

I'm really enjoying this too, Kirsty :) What a precious snapshot of this moment in time!

(We get lots of letters from school asking for money, too...)