Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Week in the Life of Me - Sunday

6.30am Woke early. Tempted to roll over and go back to sleep, but expecting a delivery between 7-9.30am so get dressed, brush hair, then go back to bed.
6.45am M wakes wanting milk. Make bottle and cup of tea#1. Read in bed.
7.30am M and R wake and go downstairs.
8.00 Make Cup of tea#2. Make breakfast.  M wants cheese on toast. Turn on grill. Doorbell rings. Turnoff grill. My shiny new dishwasher has arrived! We have been without a working dishwasher for about 6 weeks. It's a luxury, nit a necessity, but I do hate washing up so I'm very excited. And 8am on a Bank Holiday Sunday. Pretty good service!
8.20am Turn on grill again to make breakfast. Eat breakfast.
9.00am R goes to get dressed. M, normally Miss Independent, decides that, because I am busy putting stuff back into the cupboard under the sink and loading the new dishwasher, she doesn't want to get dressed by herself. It's unusual for M so I ignore her shouting for 5 minutes then do dress her. In silence. Too late, though, to avert a mega-tantrum. Close her bedroom door and tell her to stay in her room until she stops shouting.
9.45am M calms down and says 'Sorry'. Just in time to leave for Church and Sunday School.
10am Arrive in time for service. R happy to see his friend S in church. The children go to Sunday School. S's mum and I enjoy the peace of an adult service.
11.30am Collect children from Sunday School. Back home.  Pick strawberries. R and P catch up with Cityville. Children's TV on for M. Go to Photoshop to resize some photos but get distracted by a desire to make them all vintage. 1.00pm Make snack lunch. Turn on dishwasher. Blog a couple of cards and Amy's challenge. Read Sunday paper. Complete a layout which I started at a crop 3 weeks ago.
4.00pm R is watching videos on my laptop, M is watching TV. P is at the snooker club. Realise I have slobbed the aftenoon away, and I love it! Empty dishwasher and out plates away without having to wash them again in the sink (cause for celebration). Get text and photo from MIL - all my nieces and nephews are on holiday in our French place.
5.00pm P comes home and starts on our dinner. I make children's tea. Sit with them while they eat, then they go out to the garden to bounce on the trampoline. Check emails and answer query from a colleague. Hoover carpet.
6.30pm Children want a bath so I put away washing #5/6 while they play in the water. Tidy bedrooms. Dry them. Pyjamas. M bottle of milk.
7.20pm. take M up to bed. story. song.
7.30pm R is allowed to stay up to watch 'Britain's Got Talent'. Last auditions. Eat lamb shanks P has cooked in slow cooker while we watch.
9.00pm R to bed. Roald Dahl 'The Great Mouse Plot'
9.15pm A bit of QI, but it's a repeat so I bite the ears off a Lindt Easter bunny and catch up with my blogs. Blog this - for the last time. Bathroom. Bed. Book.

This detailing of my week has been quite hard work, but worthwhile. For me, at least. Normal service for you will be resumed tomorrow. I've got a scrapbook page for you then. Have a good Bank Holiday Monday if you're in the UK. Night Night.

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Sian said...

A dishwasher delivery on a Sunday? I am really impressed! That's fantastic service.

Have a good break today!