Sunday, 29 May 2011

5 Things Which Will Be Gone in 5Years

The lovely Amy in Oz set us a challenge to photograph 5 things around our homes which will be gone in 5 years. It sounded easy, but when I looked around, I struggled. I'm not a hoarder, so I don't have loads of unused stuff lying around and, apart from the obvious clothes which my children will have grown out of, it was hard to find 5 things. Actually, I didn't. I found 4. Oh well, here you are:

 I really hope this horrid lino flooring and dated kitchen cupboards will be gone by 2016. I'm saving up.

This laptop definitely won't last another 5 years.

 These books will probably be read and replaced in 5 weeks. I estimate I'll read around 300 books in the next 5 years.

 I will be able to dispose of the bath toys quite shortly. I can't imagine a 9-yr old girl and 13-yr old boy wanting to share a bath and play with plastic Tellytubbies! (Actually, I find it impossible to imagine having a 9-yr old girl and 13-yr old boy, but I expect that's normal!)
I hope this will still be around in 5 years, as it was only delivered today :) and I have paid an extra £60 for a 5 year guarentee:(


Amy said...

Yes, I hope your dishwasher is around for a decent period of time too! I had to do without for a little while and I have to say it was torturous!
Love your photos :-)

Sian said...

I found this one hard! I think because my kids are now 13 and 16, so in 5 years time they will have finished school and be gone.

But I do hope that lovely new dishwasher stays the course!

Rachel Holaday said...

Oh I love that you included the dishwasher on the end! Fabulous...I hope it's around too! In my house, I'd love to get rid of our old clunker!!

Beverly said...

Your children being those ages definitely bring big changes, hope you have your new floor sooner rather than later :)

Melissa said...

Hopefully your dishwasher will last. We bought a dishwasher last year but it's in storage while we build our house. I hate the dishwasher here and can't wait to get my "new" one back.