Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wedding invitations

No. Not mine! I am having a small 'luncheon party' at home on 29th April to watch the Royal Wedding with family. I am proud of our British Royal Family and I like the idea of making this a bit special so I decided to make personal invitations and ask everyone to bring a dish of English-themed fare to share. There is plenty of great English food and it is so rarely celebrated.
At first I tried to make the invitations digitally:

But they were a little bland so I decided to go hybrid instead.
I printed out multiple copies of the Union Flag and cut one up into numbered triangles and strips.   Using these as templates, I cut small pieces out of blue and pink patterned papered and paper-pieced them back together onto the flags. Thereby making sure I got my Union Flags the right way up. If you need to know, the answer is here.
I wanted to print the wording onto acetate, but my printer can't cope with glossy papers (it takes 4 attempts to persuade it to accept photo paper, despite being called a photo printer) so I just reduced the size of the font, printed it in blue on white and layered it on top.

I love the fact that they are all slightly different, and I hope they will set a fun but traditional tone for the day. Now for the menu - I'm thinking a cold buffet that children and adults can both graze on while we are watching the no-doubt extensive coverage of the event on TV- roast beef, coronation chicken, Victoria Sponge. Any other English-themed food ideas?
Who else is planning something for the bonus Bank Holiday?


Donna said...

Oh they're fabulous! What a lovely idea to celebrate the Royal Wedding too.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Kirsty we're doing the same but I hadn't thought this far - they're gorgeous! We're having coronation chicken and victoria far!

humel said...

I love these - how clever! We don't have any plans, I suspect The Doctor will need to work...

PS I'm having problems commenting on blogs this evening, not sure why! I've managed to leave a couple and have read all your posts, sorry I can't comment on them all xx