Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shameless Quickies

Cards. Obviously. What did you think I meant?

Whilst I am tight about buying ready-made embellishments, and very rarely do so, I have no such qualms about stealing them upcycling them off of cards I've been given. I also often buy crafting magazines just for the cover gift.

Here then are 3 very quick cut-and-paste cards made with ready-made toppers. 2 girly ones and a boy card - because you never know when a Superhero will have a birthday!


humel said...

Cards, obviously! ;-)

These are great - like you, I plunder shop-bought cards given to me or my family, and have been known to buy magazines just for the covermount.... But yes, they're great items for quickies!

ms.schwiet said...

I see a beautiful friendship blooming my upcycling pal

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful cards! I'm all about upcycling!! My sister and I have a deal where when we give each other handmade cards, we admire them for awhile, then instead of putting them in a box to save or throwing them away, we disassemble them and save all the goodies to use again! ;)