Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

And now it's time to meet our panel... and what a panel they are. Over 100 busy and talented crafters, all of whom love a good snoop round someone else's desk. And here's our host..... Julia Dunnit!

Now, watch closely because, remember, the clues are there, as we go through... the keyhole.

We'll start with the bookshelves. This should tell us something, maybe quite a bit, about the person that lives there..." A copy of the ESOL Core Curriculum, Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Books, dictionaries, grammar books and lots of photo albums. Could this person have something to do with teaching? or perhaps they are creative.
Let's move on to the desk itself. We can see a tote containing several pairs of scissors and a heat gun, a box of inks and an EMPTY vase, which looks as if it once cantained ribbons....?!
There is a half-completed scrapbook page using Japanese calligraphy papers, which are a perfect match for these photographs of a child competing for a karate grading. It looks as though they have been saved for this very page.

Moving beneath the desk we find magazines about scrapbooking and cardmaking and a purple crafters' laptray. What does this tell us?
Who'd live in a house like this? David, it's over to you."


Carolyn Phillips said...

Well now, let me guess.... :D

Wonderful post. Thanks for making me smile.

MaggieC said...

Do we need some extra clues .... I think not. I like the look of that layout.

K said...

Ooo, my brain was reading in its best lloyd grossman inpression then :)
Love the colours on the page, goes so well with the belts.
Thanks for sharing on WOYWW
K. #90

Cath said...

You made me giggle as I was reading. Love the lo.


okienurse said...

nice post. Great workspace! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #83

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hey Kirsty,
You were a winner in my tsunami relief blog give-away. Send me your mailing address, and I"ll get that ephemera pack out to you!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Also, I love your layout. The yellow really makes everything else pop.

humel said...

I *love* how you've written this post! xx