Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Creating with February's counterfeit kit

M was unwell last night, consequently I was up with her at 5.15am. When she went back to sleep, I knew I wouldn't so I came down to my desk and assembled a card from my counterfeit kit. I like the unusual black and lilac combination and I think this is a nice way to showcase my fairy. Incidentally, all the chalk shimmer has rubbed off her shiny surface - any tips on how to seal chalk?


Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

I 'm not sure how to seal the chalk...sorry! But I love your fairy card, very pretty!

Margie said...

Very pretty card-my high school art teacher used to tell us to use cheap hairspray to seal chalk--haven't tried it though.

Sian said...

Hairspray works :)

Wipso said...

What a lovely card.
I've just blogged asking for ideas from all you clever paper crafters. Please shout if you can help cos I may well find a little gift for the best idea.
A x

Wipso said...

Thanks for your suggestion. A ribbon store is one of the things Jo and I are already working on so if you could think how we could design one in fabric that would be really helpful.
A x

humel said...

I was going to suggest hairspray, too! The cheaper brands tend to work better, apparently :-) The card is so pretty! xx