Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Counterfeit Kit Challenge

I enjoyed January's Counterfeit Kit Challenge so I was keen to have a go this month. February's kit to knock off is a current Valentine - themed one by Scraps of Darkness.

The colours didn't really speak to me and I struggled with this one, but then I remembered the remains of a 2009 Papermania Signature Christmas pad which was lurking in my box of Christmas stash. Bingo - the patterns were a great match. I was not trying to create a full kit, just enough for one page. I never buy full kits, unless I'm making a whole mini book project,  as I like to mix and match.
I liked the fairy motif, so created my own with a stamp on shiny black card and highlighted her with chalk.
 I also made a counterfeit stick pin with some red and black seed beads.
So my page kit was nearly there but I must be the only scrapper in the world who doesn't have hundreds of flowers in her stash. The truth is I can never justify the cost of ready made flowers. I might make some or I might just leave them out as I don't think I'll be using this kit for anything remotely romantic.
This is what my counterfeit kit looks like at the moment. It'll take me a fair way out of my comfort zone to use this but I'm OK with that. Let's see what it produces.

If you want to see some other knock-offs, have a look here.


Bethany said...

Oh, I love what you came up with! Sometimes it is easy to get stuck on what you "think" it is supposed to look like. Don't loose your style, though...adapt the kit to you! If you are in need of flowers...we have some GREAT tutorials coming up to make some out of paper.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Counterfeit Kit Challenge said...

I'm glad you decided to go out of your comfort zone to give it a try...I love the things you put together for your kit (I usually don't purcahse any pre-made flowers either...too expensive!!!)

Mad for Paper said...

I love the fairy, can't wait to see what you use it on.

ms.schwiet said...

I too never have flowers on hand and make them as I go. I'll have to check back and see how it goes

A Creative Operation said...

I really like what you chose for your kit...your projects are going to be great!

marianne said...

Love the fairy and pin!

~Mar said...

Wonderful job on the fairy!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really LOVE these knock-off kits you create. They are superb and a perfect way to use up your old stash.

Sorry I've been so long getting here, but had to see what you were up to before I fell asleep.

As the Queen of Free, I get a bunch of silk flowers. By "bunch" I mean they come on a single stem, but there are several stems coming out from the single one. It's made for people who don't know how to arrange flowers. Then I take each flower apart. I try to get ones with mostly white flowers. I stamp on some, I dye some by dipping them in ink. I spritz some with color mists. I mix and match on a page. I sew them on, or use a button for the center. They are VERY cheap and can be found in the floral section of your craft store. You can buy about a dozen of them for the same price as the overpriced scrapbook flowers. I have NO idea if they are acid free, but they work for me.

Now that I've bored you to tears, I'm headed to bed!

Margie said...

Cool kit! I like your fairy!

Sian said...

That fairy is the stand out piece for me too - she is such a nice touch. Cool counterfeiting Kirsty!

Glinda said...

Your angel is really cute. I look forward to see what your layout will look like.