Friday, 10 December 2010

JYC 9 Not-so-secret Santa

The Secret Santa has been a tradition in my husband's family ever since I've known him. At a family gathering sometime at the end of October (this year, it was at Father-in-Law's 70th) each adult draws the name of 1 other person to buy for. The maximum spend has increased from £2 to £10, but it is still much cheaper than buying 9 presents, especially now there are 6 children.

In reality, it is not so secret. We cannot buy for ourselves or spouses, so there is much putting-back-in ofnames. Then commences a good deal of conniving amongst the women. P forgot which of my brothers-in-law he had drawn this year so I had to find out which it was. I then received a text from sister-in-law  to tell me what her husband wanted so I went out and bought that on P's behalf!

Still, we like to think it is all within the spirit if the game. We all receive something to open and no-one is bankrupt!

Obviously, the title will read Family Tradition - but I need to go out and get some more matching alphas!

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Mary B said...

What a lovely idea and it sounds such fun, love the fact that you've posted this with some of the letters missing made me giggle.