Monday, 13 December 2010

JYC 11 and 12. A very Christmassy weekend

On Saturday the kids and I meet up with 6 other families (all school friends) for our annual trip to the Pantomime on Ice at Guildford Spectrum. This is becoming a bit of a tradition, and is often our first real Christmas activity each year. This year's 'Aladdin' was polished but not as interactive as previous performances. Personally, I don't think 'Aladdin' is such a good story. However, the children loved it and my son, who had been off school sick on Friday, decided he was well enough for us to join everyone for tea in Frankie and Benny's afterwards.

Sunday was the day of our church nativity play and family carol service. R was the narrator, a role which he performed admirably, considering his sore throat. M had told everyone she was the '2nd Leopard', so she couldn't quite figure out why she was told to carry a soft lamb around with her, but she remembered her one line and the whole thing went off very well. I was proud, and extremely relieved, having been very nervous on their behalf - fussy theatre mum!

I love the balance of this weekend - dramatic but traditional. It always makes me feel really Christmassy.


Sian said...

Second Leopard! That's a classic!

humel said...

Aww.... Leopard?! That's the cutest thing! :-)

Julia Dunnit said...

Leopard, shepherd, same thing!! How gorgeous a photo too; I'd have cried and embarrassed them, can't help it! Sounds like a great weekend Kirsty.