Thursday, 17 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Day 11


I was completed stuck for a piece of jewellery which would fit with the random prompt word 'Hush' but, as was closing the curtains last night I spotted a perfect crescent moon in a clear sky. My knowledgeable husband then pointed out that the tiny spot of light, just level with the chimney at the other end of the house, was Venus.
This seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out the night-time settings on my DSLR, and here are the results.
Firstly, in 'Sunset' mode, with Venus barely visible to the left of the chimney:
Then in Auto with no flash,  you can't really make out the planet at all:
And, my favourite, Night Portrait with no flash. Venus has moved to the right (obviously it hasn't really, it's just that I moved!) but it is clearly visible:
It's interesting to compare the results. Venus is tiny but, given that it is  38 million km away, at its closest, I think it's pretty amazing to see it at all.
And then, Hush, I went to bed.

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Amy said...

That last shot is a great one Kirsty - yes, it's pretty amazing to watch the night sky!