Sunday, 13 June 2010

Creativity Bootcamp Days 5 and 7, A pendant and a Scrapbook page

I didn't have the materials or thr inspiration to make a piece of jewellery for Day 5's prompt, 'Grow', but this scrapbook LO of my daughter and my grandmother sums it up for me, I think.
I made a pendant for Day 7, 'Ornament'.

I don't mind being a football widow as I made the whole LO and watched 'Casualty' while P and R watched England (or Lingerand, as M sweetly calls it) fail to beat the USA in the FIFA World Cup. I don't know, or care, much about football, but even I know we should have been able to beat a country who don't even know what the game is called! (To all my American readers out there - don't get cross - you'll have the last laugh soon enough when we get knocked out!)


Kathy Rogers said...

I love this, hoe do you come up with all of these different ideas? Makes photography look predicatable now.

Kathy said...

beautiful pendant