Saturday, 19 June 2010

Cold, windburnt and not much richer

I spent 4 hours at R's school fete with my jewellery stall. This was my first 'outing' as a jeweller and I'd been preparing  for weeks. I was quite proud of the number of pieces I'd managed to produce in 6 months, but very unsure how to price them and what sort of reception they'd receive.
I had to sellotape everything onto the table to stop it blowing away, I got very cold and I made ..... drum roll, please.... £20! The table cost £20, a semi-cooked burger for lunch cost £2.50 so I am actually only £6.50 up. Not even enough for a takeway tonight.Very disappointing - I made £50 a few weeks ago at a car boot sale, which requires no more artistic talent than being able to pile toys into baskets.

I'm trying not to take it too personally, but it's difficult. I like my jewellery so I shall just have to wear it instead of hoarding it for non-existent customers. I've got enough Father's Day cards for the next decade and I can also use several of the earring sets and cards for end-of-term presents, so I'll save money that way. A silver-plated lining anyway!


furrypig said...

How disappointing for you after all your hard work. Wish I had known where you were and I would have come over to offer support as I was in Woking today. School fairs can be really hard at times so don't feel down!

furrypig said...

Thanks for the message on my blog Kirsty but I took advantage of the early bird peice and signed up then but that is so sweet of you to tell me I appreciate it xxx

Jenny said...

Don't be disappointed and give up after your first try - its definitely all about the audience and often trying these things is the only way to work out your best audience, its different for everyone and Ive experienced that. Those at a school fete aren't necessarily thinking of buying jewellery that day but at other places they might be!

Kathy Rogers said...

Oh Kirsty how disappointing. Don't let this put you off though, your jewellery is lovely.