Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Nearly ready

The presents are almost all wrapped - just a few last-minute ones to do tonight (I even wrapped my own from R, which upset me more than I should have allowed it to, but that's another story)
I've got 4 desserts in various stages of finished, frozen and needing to be iced.  The gammon is cooked and the turkey is defrosting. We are not actually hosting Christmas Dinner so no veggies to prepare, thankfully.

I've cleaned the house as well as I'm going to, although the kids' rooms are a mess and likely to remain so until it's time to find a home for all their new goodies.

Stockings are ready and waiting (even the hamster's!)

I'm feeling frazzled after 3 days of sick kids being housebound and I really hope we  can get outside tomorrow before guests descend for lunch and Secret Santa.

I am looking forward to Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve, provided that everyone is well and the turkey is cooked.

I'm looking forward to a lovely lunch - my sister-in-laws does a mean roast - with good company.

I'm looking forward to seeing the kids' faces as they open their presents.

I'm looking forward to hosting Boxing Day for my family - first time, and there is some pressure to pull it off (that's also another story)

I'm looking forward to those gentle days after Christmas before we go back to school when I might actually have time to tell some other stories. My blog has been sadly neglected this autumn.


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Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Kirsty,
I've been on a bit of a blog break and just now have a chance to catch up on your posts from this month. I love the idea of leaving your portrait lens on the camera (and the resulting photos are lovely); your various Dec. journals/pages all look great; and I have to say that I HATE wrapping presents to myself! LOL!