Friday, 14 November 2014

A bit of wire working for a change

It's been ages since I made any jewellery but I got my pliers out this week to mend a couple of earrings and decided to have a play.
 I made this flower head some time ago by twisting thin copper wire round a flower loom. Unfortunately I can't find the loom now. I added a beaded leaf and stem and thought it might serve as a brooch.
Then I found a handful of white pearlised beads which reminded me of mistletoe berries. Is this recognisable as mistletoe? Is so I might make a couple more brooches for Christmas gifts.

I don't think these pieces are perfect by any means but I enjoyed the process and it was fun to do something different for a change.


Sian said...

Yes! It's definitely mistletoe and it looks lovely

scrappyjacky said...

Very pretty.

alexa said...

You have a LOT of different skills - good to hear you enjoyed it. And yes, it is definitely mistletoe.