Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Project Life (photo heavy)

Busy, busy, this month was a challenge in terms of the number of photos and the amount of time available to scrap them. I ended up with 7 PL pages and 4 12x12s (not all done - but I'm up to date on the PL because I've been working on it in odd moments all month)
Page 1
The first week in June was largely taken up with a certain little lady's birthday celebrations, (which I scrapped and shared separately) as well as an important audition for R and the start of the 2nd busiest half term of the year in our family (October to Christmas wins).

The dominate red in the photos decided my colour scheme and I opted to leave most of the  pictures unmatted and just use a hand-drawn border, something I'd been meaning to try after seeing it in several videos.
I commemorated the audition and D-Day
Enjoying the garden.

Some of the cards used were from the Kraft Project Life kit and others were from a  batch of scrap papers I'd cut down to 3x4 and 6x4.
I like the burlap letters from Hobbycraft I used for my title.
Page 2
Page 3
The pictures of My FIL's birthday celebrations and R's Scouting adventures could have been 12x12 pages, and a year ago they would have been, but this time I decided to make them into mini spreads within the main spread and I quite like how it turned out.
I used cardstock to unify the photos from the same event and draw a single border around the whole thing. I also only rounded the outer corners to make it stand out. The papers and elements on the Scout mini-layout were from Simple Stories Awesome, my fave boy collection.

To tie the 2 large blocks of green and red together with the rest, I pulled out some black&white elements from the Midnight Edition as well as some bakers twine and washi from The Works.
I like the 2 filler cards I made to add to the summery feel of the spread. First time I've done that.
page 4
 As the previous page was fairly heavily biased towards to R, I also wanted to record all of M's achievements this month - less photo-worthy but every bit as impressive in their way.
 She got new glasses and took up the loom band craze with gusto
She is busy rehearsing for not one, but two shows and is excited about her cute 'rag doll' costume for ballet. She has received 4 good behaviour cards this month and school and 1 'golden leaf' for academic work. She is really growing into a lovely young person.
page 5
And finally, some pictures of P and myself - rare and definitely worth their own 12x12 pages as well., when I get time.
It is  the end of term and one of the families at P's school invited all the staff and spouses for a very posh meal at the local golf club. A great excuse to get a babysitter and a taxi and to get dressed up.
 My students are much less wealthy but no less grateful so I recorded some of the nicest written feedback I received.
I organised a trip for my 6th form students to the city of Guildford. Although they had been there to shop, they had no idea of the amount of local history so it was satisfying to play tour guide and show them the castle and the old buildings. It was also a good Scavenge Hunt opportunity, but that's a story for another post.
My colleague took some pictures of me too.

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alexa said...

I like the way that your project life pages are phot-heavy - evidence of a life well lived :). You are keeping pace with the year so well ...