Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project Life March

March was a long and busy month at work but there were certainly some highlights as well - and everything came in pairs!
  • I had 2 lesson observations - one of an ESOL lesson and one of me doing tutorials. I scored a high 'Good' and an 'Outstanding' respectively, which I was pleased about. The latter was particularly flattering as I am new to the tutorial system.
  • I went to both kids' schools for parent consultations. R's was brilliant - lots of really nice comments and no real worries. I a so happy we have found him a school which can see past his disability. I had got so used to hearing the same negative comments at primary school.  In a reversal of fortunes, M was told she needed to push herself more. Although I was initially disappointed, this is actually quite a good thing as it means she is finally, in Yr 2,  being stretched. She has been so used to finding things easy she's never had to push herself.

  • P and I went out twice as a couple- a theatre trip to see Derren Brown's live show which was his Christmas present to me (absolutely amazing BTW) and a meal at the local 'posh' restaurant which was mine to him.

  • I made 2 trips to the tip to dispose of 14 bags of garden rubbish as I embarked on a long term project to sort out our garden.
  • The kids both took part in special assemblies - R with the Anti-Bullying Committee which he is part of and M for Mother's Day. I was pleased to find a picture of R on his school's  Headteacher's Blog, because of course parents are not invited to secondary school assemblies. Just as well, probably. I cried at M's!
  • I did 2 sessions of Speaking exam interlocuting.
  • M had 2 dress up days - for Book Week and Sport Relief. I'm glad that R is too old for this now, though he did wear mufti for Sport Relief.
  • We also celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, in a fairly low key way but it merited a selfie to show off my new Svarovski crystal earrings. Actually, you can't see them very well, but they match the necklace.
  • It was Mother's Day too, of course. Again, pretty low key but I received 3 handmade cards and a paper bouquet from M. I'll have to wait for my gift from R as he wasn't able to bring it home from DT last week.
  • I also included a piece about the loss of Malaysian Air Flight MH370. I didn't feel it was appropriate to embellish it in any way so I just left it plain with a black border.

This whole month was created using the Kraft Project Life kit. I  bought a 1/3 kit on Amazon and I haven't completely used it up. The black accents were cut from Midnight Edition (again a 1/3 kit) and the alphas are from Pebbles and Hobbycraft. A bit of yellow washi tape and I think that's it.


Sian said...

There are lots of good things in this - I'm so pleased with the news from school :)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wow Kristy there is real dedication in all that work great creative share, Shaz in oz.x