Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'm having a mid-life crisis!

I think I might be having a mid-life crisis!
P and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary next week and I am suddenly feeling old and in need of a change. I have started a healthy healthier eating regime, decided to grow out my fringe and dug over another bed in the garden. I'll even admit to quite enjoying the physical exercise this afternoon.

I planted chantenay carrots, mange touts and a raspberry cane.
I said a little prayer for them.
Twenty minutes later, we had hailstones! Do you think it was a sign?
Do please let me know if you give a damn about my attempt to transform our garden from overgrown tip to something resembling-well- a garden. If you'd rather I didn't share all the minutiae of this project then I'll keep it to myself. As you can see, I don't quite get the excitement of it  yet. Maybe when (if?) I get my first carrot I'll have my epiphany. In the meantime if you could recommend any good gardening blogs for the complete novice, I'd be grateful.


Josie said...

I don't know of any suitable gardening blogs, but nothing beats eating your own first crop!

alexa said...

Well, that all sounds very exciting! I am not up on gardening blogs but the BBC magazine was always good (and the library). Yep, hail here too. Your seeds are nicely tucked up in the earth so no need to worry :).