Sunday, 23 February 2014

Scrapping the floods - and stitching on paper

The rain, high winds and floods have been such a feature of this winter that I wanted to record them. I started this page a few weeks ago with a couple of montages of high water taken over the last 2 months. I couldn't do the journalling though until I was confident the saga was finished.
 The umbrella print paper from the Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm collection was my starting point. I only had the 6x6 pad so I used 4 other papers from the same collection and made a patchwork design. It is based on a very old Glitter Girl episode which I happened to be browsing.

Inspired by the patchwork I decided to stitch a border round each piece. I am still very much a novice with my sewing machine. Suffice it to say, the placement of my embellishments was dictated by the most wonky stitching!

The title draws attention to the fact that I taught my students this phrase after we had so many conversations about 'big weather' and 'bad rain'. I also pointed out that the one weather expression
 lots of foreigners think they know- 'It's raining cats and dogs' is never actually used. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have never heard a British adult say it seriously.
Has anyone else been documenting the weather this season?


scrappyjacky said...

You certainly never hear it now....but I'm sure I remember my mum using that expression!!
The weather this year does need documenting!!

S said...

It's a shame that the weather has been so nasty as to call for documenting. Over here, raining cats and dogs is a pretty common expression.