Sunday, 16 February 2014

Rescrapping heritage photos - Floods 1968

I first discovered scrapbooking when I was looking for a way to preserve the heritage photos I had collected. My heritage album is A4 because I started off with a cheap kit from a discount bookshop, then I went online and discovered the wonderful world that is Internet Shopping!
All the recent rain got us talking about the big rains of 1968 (before my time, but only just) in which my grandparents' house was badly flooded and I remembered this picture-isn't it great? I love that white open-top car trying to drive down the street and those hardy souls swimming to safety in their tin bath.
I think my scrapping style has probably evolved, just a bit since this minimalist layout. LOL! I thought the wavy border and cheeky whale were the height of artistry! And the journaling was restricted to date and place.

Having talked about this with my Dad and had Facebook conversations with my Aunt, I have much more of a story so I decided to rescrap this one to complement my page about the 2014 floods. I haven't finished that one yet, because I fear the story hasn't yet ended. 
I've included their memories in their own words as far as possible:
 "We  were taken to the nearby school until Friday. My boss from Helena Rubenstein (I never even new this was my aunt's first job!) came to get me back to work and she was so shocked I was the only one allowed the whole week off with pay."
"The water was pumped out of the house by firemen on 18:00 on Monday and was still in the garden on Saturday."
"A canoe came by and Mum (my grandmother) handed a bottle of milk from the bedroom window. He sailed over the top of the fences into the house next door but one and gave them the milk then sailed on through the house to the next road."
I've kept the new layout at A4 to go back into my heritage album but I am happier with the style and I think the story is told much more effectively now.


scrappyjacky said...

How great to be able to scrap this story....a bit ironic that nearly 50 years later our answer to flooding hasn't changed much!!

Sian said...

It's a really great story - my favourite kind of scrapbooking, too, with a story from the past that gets us thinking about the way we live now