Saturday, 8 February 2014

I finally got them scrapped.

I've been looking at these photos and putting them away again since November last year. That's quite a long time for me - I much prefer working with recent pictures - but the purple and black color scheme was just too scary! 

But I wanted to scrap them because it's not often I get an (almost) full family group. I considered changing them to black and white but all the meaning would be lost. A large part of the fun in this ice cream parlour is the 70s decor and sleezy nightclub feel.
So I decided to embrace the colour scheme but steered away from too many patterned layers or fussy embellishments.  Instead I created one oversized ice cream sundae embellishment and left it at that.
I drew a sundae dish by hand on scrap paper and covered it with 'scoops' of purple patterned papers. I poured some purple glitter over to represent the sauce, added some whipped cream made of a length of fluffy ribbon and topped it with a button. I so wish I'd brought the paper umbrella home from my virgin cocktail last week (unforgiveable lapse of scrapbooker's etiquette).  Finally,  I traced the dish onto star-patterned acetate and adhered it on top. The outline was a bit lost on the black & white dots so I drew round it with a white gel pen.

This is different from my usual style, but I'm happy to have the pictures in my album. I always enjoy it when I make my own embellishments, I should do it more often.


scrappyjacky said...

What a great page....I really like the colour scheme....and the sundae is brilliant.

Sian said...

That's a brilliant job with the black and purple - that would have scared me too, but you've done it

S said...

Love how you've whipped up a sundae there!