Saturday, 1 February 2014

January in Numbers

I hadn't planned to continue Month in Numbers this year as I have started Project Life, but when I looked through my PL diary for January there was so much that was repeated that I decided to make a feature of the numbers anyway.
  • 20 days of rain out of 31 caused flooding and chaos. We were lucky to escape with only a broken fence panel.
  • 5 visits from boiler engineers to fix a leak. When we first phoned them on 31st December the boiler was working but the stuff I had stored underneath it to make room for Christmas decorations was wet. By visit 5 on Jan 14th we had no heating!
  • 3 physical achievements by M (blogged here ad nauseam!)
  • 6 volumes of Bernard Cornwell's 'Warrior' saga read. They tell the story of Uhtred, a Christian warrior brought up by pagan Vikings during the reign of King Arthur. I groaned when the first volume was suggested as our Book Club read for January. My dad reads Bernard Cornwell & I was not expecting to enjoy it, but I was sufficiently gripped to download the other 6 books in the series. I have one left to read.
  • 5 days that a local girl went missing. I've blurred her photo and I won't name details, but it was too close to home not to be included.
  • 11 people to lunch on Jan 5th. My favourite aunt, cousin and family who I see pretty sporadically. The number actually swelled to 15 for dessert. Lucky Auntie Jen brought 5 different puddings!
  • My nephew turned 8 and my niece 5. My Dad and my sister-in-law both have their birthdays on the same day in January, but no big celebrations for them this year.


Sian said...

% visits from boiler engineers? Well, I'm crossing my fingers that won't happen again in February!

Sian said...

Obviously, that should be a five...I can't type...

Julie Kirk said...

Hi Kirsty

It's good to know your numbers are working in your PL album this year. I know others who do something similar and Month in Numbers was always meant to be adaptable and flexible enough for people to make it their own!

Our shower needs fixing [only managed to shave *1* leg before it went off the other day .... now *there's* a number for February's round up!] ... so I'm just hoping it won't take 5 visits like you've had! And with all that rain you really didn't need any more leaks did you?!

You're on the board now Kirsty:

Happy February to you and yours!

Julie :-)

debs14 said...

You certainly don't want to start the year with lots of heating/water problems so I do hope everything is up and running perfectly now!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Hope the boiler is now doing what it should. We had the same before Christmas, but all fine now.