Monday, 6 January 2014

Journal Your Christmas - it's all officially over

By whatever criteria you choose to judge it - Twelfth Night, back to school. Christmas decs down - it's definitely over. And, I have to say, I'm ready to return to normality.

We had one last hurrah yesterday - lunch for 15 family members we hadn't seen since last year - and it was really lovely.

The thunder of the alarm clock at 6.45 and the pouring rain as we walked to school this morning was less lovely. But I am feeling thankful that none of my family or friends have suffered from the appalling weather conditions and floods that have marked this past week.

Here is my last JYC layout.
I included photos from yesterday's lunch
                              my niece's birthday
                              the flood warning
                              My New Year's resolution
                              M learning to ride her bike unaided.

I've only just realised that the picture I took of R and I toughing it out until midnight on NYE is still on my phone. Oh well, I can add it to my January Project Life.

Happy New Year. Thanks for Journalling My Christmas with me.


Maria Ontiveros said...

I stopped collecting photos and jotting notes on Dec. 25, but I still need to put my December Daily album together. Hope to get it done by mid-month.

S said...

Good for you for wrapping it up. That's a project I still need to tackle.