Monday, 9 December 2013

Saturday Roundup -A Week Full of Christmas

 And it's only 9th December!
This week started with work madness and ended with home madness.
We had adult exams on Monday morning then end-of-term parties on Wednesday and Friday.

After school on Friday, M insisted on decorating the tree, saying she really couldn't wait any longer. I was full of cold and not that keen but I couldn't resist her pleading. She reminds me so much of myself as a child. I love that she gets so excited about Christmas. There is a special Christmas sparkle in her eyes that I haven't yet captured on camera but I'll keep trying.  I know I am over the top at Christmas and it seems I've created a Christmas monster!
In the event, after I dragged out the artificial tree and the boxes of decorations, she did most of it herself.
On Saturday, I went into Guildford with my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law to shop and have lunch. I enjoyed myself and got most of my remaining presents.
Sunday was Nativity Service at church. The Sunday school kids have been rehearsing for several weeks but at the last minute we were 1 Wise Man short. So I was co-opting into taking part (and singing - lucky we have been playing the song CD in the car for weeks.) Nice family event, though I'm less than in love with this photo of me!
In the afternoon I took both children to see Father Christmas on the Santa Express at the local miniature railway. I didn't think R would want to come, but he loved it too. We had a bit of a wait so spent some time waiting he miniature steam trains and then boarded for a 15-minute ride to Santa's Halt where the Big Man took his time speaking to each child and gave them a very good quality gift according to their ages. A kindly Elf took this photo for me - less bosom, I'm happy to see!

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