Sunday, 22 December 2013

Saturday Roundup 20th December

Last week of term, but still no let up on the busy-front, or on the illness front. I thought I was better at the weekend but then it turned into another cough and cold. Getting bored with feeling unwell. I really needed to just hibernate and rest, but that couldn't happen until Friday and then , as soon as I broke up, it developed into a full-blown cold/flu,
I think I love the build up to Christmas more than the day itself.  I do enjoy the shopping, baking and wrapping; the carol services, fayres and nativity plays.   Lucky really as the build-up is sooo much longer than one day!. Both kids were  celebrating all week.

R had a Scout party on Monday, Christmas lunch on Tuesday and Yr 7 & 8 disco on Thursday. Unfortunately, he has reached an age where he won't let me take many pictures of him. My Christmas journal tis year is going to look quite unbalanced, but he is OK with that so I'll have to content myself with photos of M, who is more than happy to pose!
M had her class party on Tuesday, Christmas lunch on Wednesday, a Christingle assembly on Thursday and Carol Service on Wednesday. I'm exhausted just typing it! They both broke up early on Friday.
P broke up last week but still had to go in for one day to finish off work. I had the college carol service on  Wednesday afternoon, and the staff 'Do' on Wednesday evening. I had Thursday off so P and I did the big food shop and I got all the presents wrapped and under the tree. We finished term, finally, on Friday lunchtime with staff Christmas lunch but by that time I had really lost my festive spirit and just wanted my bed. 

Finally,  one of R while he was distracted!
Though I was feeling so rubbish on Saturday that I spent most of it on the sofa I did take the kids over to my sister-in-law's to meet their new cocker spaniel puppy. He is very cute, but nips and chews everything (including the children, which was disappointing. I think M was picturing a puppy shaped soft toy she could play with) With training I'm sure he'll get there, but unfortunately we are all novices at raising pups.

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