Sunday, 10 November 2013

October in numbers

 My monthly round up, brought to you with Julie Kirk's Notes on Paper.
3 days R was off sick with a stomach virus + 2 INSET days + 1 Teachers' strike = 6 days off school (=6 days of difficult childcare issues)

1 car broken down on the A3

4 birthday parties

6 days in France for P + 2 nights at Scout camp for R + 1 night in my brother's camper van + 2 nights visiting friends at half term = 11 nights away from our own beds.

81 photos taken at A and M's wedding.

36 mid-term reports written

22 kids at 2 Hallowe'en parties

Finally, Julie's communal counts:
2 bills (about half our household bills are in my name)+ 2 bank statements + 3 magazines + 5 birthday cards = 12 items of mail I received which were directly addressed to me

The second Communal Count prompt suggested we share any weather-related statistic so it had to be 90 mph winds (hurricane level) which hit on 28th October. I clearly remember the Big Storm of October 1987, the night  before my 17th birthday and the one a couple of years later. It knocked out the electricity at university so my friends and I decided to go into town to assess the damage - not very clever!

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Julie Kirk said...

Happy belated birthday!! I'm glad I picked a nice month for you to count your mail in!

I'm starting to suspect a conspiracy here ... as you must be the 5th [or more] blogger to have had car-related numbers to record in October! It's always funny to see which topics recur across posts.

We were fortunate enough to miss out on the hurricane - but I can see how the 87 storm made for a memorable 17th birthday for you!

Thanks for joining me once again, I've saved your post to the board with the others now:

I hope this month's treating you well + look forward to your November statistics.

Julie :-)