Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Today I have...

Made 3 breakfasts, prepared 2 lunches and defrosted 3 dinners
Checked 3 school bags
Remembered my Mum was coming to babysit and quickly cleaned the bathroom
Loaded and run the dishwasher
Waved R off in his taxi to school
Walked M round the corner to school
Remembered to tell M's teacher who was picking her up today
Taught for 4.5 hours, giving me 22 pieces of writing to mark
Met with my line-manager to identify At Risk students and discuss departmental issues
Eaten a canteen lunch whilst meeting with my line manager.
Helped 16 Rainbows make glove puppets
Fed M after Rainbows
Paid 2 visits to Sainsbury Local
Spoken to my sister-in-law for the first time in a month
Transferred money to our French bank account to pay bills
Collected R from a 2-hour karate training
Listened to M read 1 bedtime story
Filled in M's Reading Diary
Answered read and responded to 12 emails
Played 5 moves in Words With Friends
Written 2 blog posts
Eaten defrosted curry in front of Come Dine with Me
Fallen asleep in from of a David Attenburgh documentary

Phew! Time for bed. Tomorrow is another day.
Night Night

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