Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Round up 13th October

Yet another week closer to half term and we still haven't managed a full week of school. R was sent home on Monday with tummy ache and was off for the next 4 days. He wasn't sick, no diarrhoea, just in a lot of pain and, even though I had known there was a nasty stomach virus going round, I was still worried that it might be appendicitis. Fortunately, the doctor decided it wasn't and prescribed him anti-spasmodics which seemed to work quite quickly and he was back at school on Friday.

Thank goodness Mum and Dad were around this week to help out or I would have had to take more time off work and I really couldn't afford to. Being a working Mum sucks when the children are ill. I've been marking mock exams like Billy-Oh this week before I enter my students for their Skills for Life Reading and Writing exams. I then had to tell some they were not ready to sit the exams this time round - always hard, but they took it on board.

While R was at home feeling sorry for himself, M had 'Super Hero Day' at school. I am not a great costumier but I'm quite proud of this one which I created from a dress found in a charity shop. I suggested the name - Glitter Girl (2 guesses where I stole that idea) and M invented her super powers; the power to make everyone shine and a jingle:
Glitter Girl, Glitter Girl
Has a magical ball that makes things well.

I think Shimelle would be flattered - I hope!

M's school also held a great fund-raiser throughout this week - Busking Week. Each day after school there was a group of school musicians playing for us a pick-up time. M is in Junior Choir who sang for us on Thursday. I don't know yet how much money was raised, but it was a very pleasant atmosphere.

Luckily R was recovered on Friday in time for Scout camp. Unluckily, it was raining when I dropped him off on Friday and again when I picked him up Sunday. It was dry for a few hours in between, though and they managed to do all their planned activities - including building a shelter and sleeping in it! Look at the state of him!

I was R's age when I did my first ever Guide camp. It tipped with rain for a whole week - and I loved it.

As P was working Saturday morning, my Mum and I took M shopping to get the last items for her wedding outfit. I love having a daughter - it's so much fun choosing clothes with her, though a lot more expensive than shopping for R. We had a McDonald's for lunch as a treat. I gave myself a treat too; shiny gel nails. I haven't had them before, but I'm reliably informed that they will last until the wedding next week
M also went to her friend (boyfriend), Freddie's trampolining party on Sunday.
All in all a busy week.

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