Thursday, 10 October 2013

September in Numbers

Not many photos taken - this was a busy, working month, with illness being almost the only break in the routine - but here are the numbers anyway:

4 new classes = 35 new manes to learn, including 22 new tutees
10 colleagues at the local curry house to say goodbye to our administrator
2 of R's teeth extracted by the dentist
19 pieces of homework done
3 days off school for M
6 girls in Oxford for 2 days for A's hen do
29 Achievement points gained by R in the first 4 weeks of secondary school

And Julie's Communal Count:

How far do you live from the school you attended? 2.7 miles - it's the school R is at now

How much is a pint of milk? £1.44 for a 2 pint bottle, delivered twice a week by the milkman. That makes 20 pints plus probably 4 extras bought on Fridays if R has been scoffing extra cereal


Julie Kirk said...

Hi Kirsty. That was a lot of back-to-school activity keeping you busy in September! And I hope you get more of a break than being ill gave you this month!

I must admit I've been surprised at how quite a few of us still live fairly close to their 1st schools. For some reason I'd imagined everyone [other than me!]would've moved away. So it was definitely a question worth asking!

I can't pin your post [without a photo] - but it's good to have you on board anyway.

Happy October to you!


Carolyn Phillips said...

Hope you are feeling better.