Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday Roundup 7th September

This was the week we have been planning for and (in my case) worrying about for months: R's first day at Secondary school. After celebrating his 11th birthday in Grandma's garden, he started 3 days later.
He is at a big comprehensive of 1500 pupils and it is the biggest change of his young life. But it has been fine. They didn't go back until Wednesday so he has had only 3 days of induction and getting to know the teachers and he has thoroughly enjoyed it. He has come home each afternoon tired but full of positive excitement. He has a science teacher he really likes, he found the first lessons of French and RE refreshingly easy, he has made a few friends and he wants to audition for the school musical next week. I am so relieved and so proud of him.
P and M also went back to school this week. P to a fresh group of scholars and M to Year 2. She has 2 teachers this year, both of whom she seems to like.

I have had good news at work - I am going to be a form tutor at college. This is great professionally, as it will help our department and the ESOL students, and personally - more hours=more money and more job security. I'm very excited about this new challenge. Tutoring Level 2 students and overseas students will be full on and I'll get to know them much better than I did as just their English language teacher.


Sian said...

Best of luck to the pair of them in the new school year

Maria Ontiveros said...

So glad to hear the transition is going well for your son!