Saturday, 14 September 2013

Saturday Rounduo 14th September

A busy work week. No photos but lots of important stuff achieved.

R continues to be excited about his new school. He's had homework every day but still found time to do some extra research on the Romans. This is unprecedented! He is a changed boy and I am thanking God for it every day. On Monday he auditioned for the school production so we are  hopefully awaiting the casting decisions.

M is also enjoying being back in with her friends at school, swimming and Rainbows.

I met my new Tutor Group this week. I know already that several of them are going to take up a lot of my time but I'm very excited about the  new challenge.

We also enrolled 150 new adult students in 2 long 13-hr days. Fortunately next week is a little quieter before we actually start to teach them.

Friday night fish & chips at my brother-in-law's restaurant was a little more eventful than expected.
We thought R was making it up when he complained of being dripped on. But it was soon obvious that he wasn't! I was sitting in that chair 10 minutes before!

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