Sunday, 11 August 2013

Saturday Roundup / Project Life 10th August

Our guests went out to Le Mont St Michel on Sunday but we decided not to accompany them and then we all took a trip to Granville on their last day. We've visited the Aquarium several times before but I was able to get some better pictures this time using my f1.8 lens.
 The Bingo set P found at a car boot sale for 1Euro was a great success. M took to it like a duck to water.

 We said goodbye to all visitors on Wednesday and the house seemed very quiet, but it was something of  a relief not to be cooking and cleaning up 3 course meals every night. Not that they expected us to wait on them - they did more than their fair share - but it was full-on excitement and late nights. The latter took its toll on M, who threw the mother of all tantrums on Wednesday night. I had promised M and R they could sleep on the sofabed Thursday, but M really needed her own bed.
As we were on our own, the days were more peaceful- reading and playing games (of the board and electronic varieties). We took the opportunity to catch up with our friends here too and enjoyed the last of the open air concerts with others from the village. It's so nice to finally be part of the community - it's taken a while. This Sunday was the Fete de St. Roch (the saint to whom our village church is dedicated). I braved the French-language Catholic service by myself and we all went the Vin D'Honneur, again to make ourselves a part of the village.
 M and I went back to the Enchanted Village for an afternoon by ourselves. Nice just to do what she wanted to do at her pace. without the bigger children dominating. The Piggy Ride has been her favourite since we first came here. She is too big now, but it is part of a tradition. I should make a scrapbook page dedicated to all my pictures of her through the years.
 Finally, just because it's a big part of life here - a picture of fresh breakfast croissant, which both children can now buy from the boulangerie by themselves.


Julia Dunnit said...

oh this album is just great Kirsty, you must be so pleased with it. our holiday stories are great, I agree, however nice to have visitors, the down time is equally good...and Iam filled with admiration that you're still enjoying family board games! Happy holidays.

alexa said...

Your aquarium photos are especially clear!

Sian said...

They must get such a thrill from being able to go to the shop and buy for themselves

S said...

Loving the red and blue complementing your photos this week. Nice job.