Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saturday Roundup 6th July

Another busy week, but it's brought us that much closer to the holidays. P is now officially on holiday, having finished this afternoon with Speech Day and I had 2 'last lesson parties' this week (just 1 more class to go.)

I took R to the orthodontist who decreed that he will have to have 2 baby teeth removed to make space for the adult teeth behind. I couldn't get an appointment for that until September, though, so no need to worry yet.

M said goodbye to one of her classmates who is moving away and went swimming for her last Rainbow meeting.

R spent a full day at his new secondary school and came home full of it: drama, practical chemistry, cricket. "Oh, and we did a reading test. That was easy!" He was also much impressed by the choice in the canteen. I went to a parents evening there as well and was also very impressed. The pupils meeting and greeting were polite and pleasant and the staff seemed very caring. Every time I go over there I am more convinced it will be the right school for R. It did feel very weird sitting in the hall though, as it was my secondary school 30 years ago. I swear the lectern is the same, although the Head teacher talking was, thankfully, different.
The house is strangely quiet today as R is at Scout camp. He has a lovely weekend for it, I just hope that the Scout Leaders are diligent about sun cream and hats. M is missing her big brother, but I think the paddling pool up in the garden and a couple of hours with her favourite cousin made up for it.

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