Thursday, 4 July 2013

Aaah. That's better!

I'm the first to admit that my Mess-tolerance levels are pretty high compared with some people, but recently the state of the house has been giving me nightmares about cobwebs! Really, since my week of bronchitis, I have been playing catch up at work, doing lots of fun end-of-term things at the kids' schools and rather neglecting the housework. So, I decided to do something about it this week.

I normally keep on top of the bathroom, kitchen and living room, as they are the most visible, but I still felt the need to pretty them up so I bought myself some lovely new, soft-on-bare-toes rugs and cleared out a lot of semi-permanent clutter.

Today it was time to tackle the dining room. This is probably the most-used room in ourhouse- it is my office and my crafting space. It's where the big boy does his homework and the little girl works on her arty projects. It's where Nibbles the hamster lives and it is the only way out to the garden. It is also where we eat every day. All this means there were heaps of stuff which constantly had to be moved to make way for more stuff. This is what my desk looked like:
I'm not proud. I couldn't even get at the desk from a sensible angle! And, even worse, this is what it was like underneath:
I spent £40 on 2 chests of drawers and now, 3 hours later, it's not 'Changing Rooms' but it's certainly a nicer place to be. All my embellishments, pens, card blanks have been relocated to the drawers under the desk and M's craft stuff has been reduced to one basketful. The rest can be kept elsewhere until she needs it. That particular 'elsewhere' will have to be tackled on another occasion. there is a still a pile of projects in progress on the corner of the desk, but I like having them in sight.
I feel much better. Only trouble is, now I've got a nice place to work I feel the need to get crafting and make some new mess!

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