Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saturday Roundup 22nd June

It was Father's Day Sunday so we celebrated by taking all the fathers out for a Chinese. Yummy! It's great because all the children can find something on the menu that they like.

Although I have fewer teaching hours now that my 6th form students have finished their courses, I don't seem to have any more time in the week. In addition to my timetable I have taken R to the dentist for a filling and the paediatrician for a check up. He had to come to work with me on Friday so I could do most of my lesson and still make it on time.

Nanny came out of hospital on Wednesday, but is still staying with my Aunt.

Paul's ankle is still sore and M managed to also hurt hers in the playground. Although she was perfectly able to trampoline on it, I pandered to her by letting her wear a bandage to school.

I also went out for lunch with colleagues on Friday to celebrate our boss' birthday.

All this meant I was less involved than usual with last minute preparations for the Summer fairs, but I did my bit at R's school this afternoon with a cold hour on the coconut shly. The kids enjoyed it - face painting, ice cream and bouncy castles. What's not to like?

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