Sunday, 9 June 2013

I'm starting the Summer Scavenge Hunt

Are you joining in with Rinda's Summer Scavenge Hunt? I really enjoyed it last year, both the finding and seeing other people's finds on their blogs.

We have until September 21st, but I've made a start already with these two:
No.17 - Candles I know you can't actually see them, they are behind the mermaid, but it's a better picture than this one:

No. 6 Someone taking a nap - M on the return ferry
My usual method is to take as many as I can and then decide on the best one for each category at the end. I'll post periodically when I have a few to share. I look forward to seeing everyone else's. Happy snapping!


Miriam said...

Well done, great start! Actually I like the 2nd picture for candles! It's very amusing. I love seeing other peoples take on the prompts and am always interested in the 'how I do it'

Sian said...

Yes, I'm in! The enthusiasm everyone has for this project is infectious. I love how it keeps everyone on the hunt all summer

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a precious pair of finds.

Melissa said...

Great start on the scavenger hunt! I'm hoping to make a start this week.

Anonymous said...

Great start! I like that second candle one - it's different.