Saturday, 11 May 2013

Saturday Roundup 12th May

I've kept up this weekly Roundup post for nearly half a year and, although it's obvious  from the number of comments that it's really only of interest to me, I intend to complete the year and then blog print the whole year as a photo book. In much the same way ,I don't enjoy seeing other people's Project Life pages as much as I enjoy single layouts. So, sorry, but it's my blog. Na na nana nah!

This week started with a Bank Holiday - much the best kind of week- and so Saturday seems to have come round again with unseemly speed, not that I'm complaining!

It was gloriously sunny on Monday so I took both children to the leisure pool. We had a lovely splashy time and, for the first time, they were both brave enough to go on the water chutes. Several times. While they were climbing the stairs and splashing down, I took the opportunity to swim a few lengths myself - a very rare treat. Lunch in the pool cafe and an ice cream in the park made for a perfect lazy Bank Holiday.
M doing modelling with air drying clay
She assures me it's a shark! 
Unfortunately, since Wednesday the weather has been like November again and on Thursday both children were so tired and lethargic I kept them at home for the day. It's unusual for either of them to have a day off but Robert has his SATS next week and I can't afford for him to fall ill then. I suspect M's tummy ache was exaggerated but if I had to spend my day off with one at home, I decided I might as well have both. I call it being  proactive, rather than reactive!
They were both fine to return to school on Friday. M had an optician's appointment after school so we had McDonald's for tea and bumped into a friend of R's. It always amuses me to hear them discussing Pokemon with such seriousness.
On Saturday  morning, P had to go into work so M and I browsed the charity shops while R was at drama. She is quite the bargain hunter - a doll's wardrobe only cost her £5. She then spent an hour in her bedroom putting all her dolls 'clothes away.

I also attended a baby shower to celebrate my cousin's impending first baby. Very exciting- due the day before M's birthday. It was lovely to spend some time with my cousins, whom I see far too rarely. And enjoy my aunt's scrummy cupcakes, of course.
It is now part of out Saturday night routine to watch Britain's Got Talent as a family. Although P and I would avoid it by choice, R enjoys Simon Cowell and it is nice to see him watch 'adult telly (ie: not animated alien shows)

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alexa said...

What a sweet photo your first one is! She is very photogenic. Isn't the variation in the temperature confusing! Your week looks full of nice things towards the end. Hope both are better now .... Prevention is better than cure, after all!