Thursday, 25 April 2013

Check out my New Blog

I've just started a new blog about my experiences as an ESOL teacher. I thought long and hard about this as blogging is a hobby for me, an escape from work and I wasn't sure I wanted the 2 to overlap. I'm still not sure, but I have decided to blog this term and see what response I get and whether I enjoy it or not.

I teach English to Speakers of Other Languages and many of them are very interesting people. I learn as much from them as they (hopefully) learn from me. In my 20 somethign years of ESOL teaching, i have come across many funny, touching, interesting anecdotes so I felt that they would be blog-worthy.

If you are teacher, a language lover, or just interested please pop over to here and see what I have done. Leave me a comment as I am very curious to see who my audience will be.

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furrypig said...

Hi Kirsty I got the paper and a few other bits from scrapping the magic... if you want to buy anything it might be worth entering their challenge as you will be given 15% off. Hope that helps and looking forward to seeing more of your pages xxx