Tuesday, 23 April 2013

100th birthday card

Not the 100th I've made (well, it might be, I've never counted) but a card for a 100th birthday. How special is that?
This was a commission from my Nan for a friend of hers. I felt quite a lot of pressure with this. It isn't every day you celebrate a 100th birthday, and I wanted to make something extra special for the lady, but I have never met her so don't know her taste.

(BTW, a story in slightly bad taste, but true. Nan, herself 92 years old,  commissioned this card some months ago, then rang me recently to says that Bess had been taken into hospital. "She'll probably be OK, but don't put her name on the card just in case, then I can use it for someone else if she dies".)

In the end I went for a stepper card heavily embellished with overlapping flowers (the large ones are Papermania Big Bloomers, I can't remember where the small purple ones came from) to ressemble a bouquet. The felt bird, which I love and have used on cards before, came from Tiger.

My Nan was happy with it, I hope Bess likes it too.


Maria Ontiveros said...

It's magnificent! And your story made me chuckle.

Sian said...

Wow, not everyone gets to make one of those!

it's a good story..nothing like a bit of practical thinking,eh?

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely! I'm sure Bess liked it. Cute story.

alexa said...

That's very special - I can't believe how much work all of that must have taken you ... The stencil-look bird is especially nice.