Saturday, 23 March 2013

Saturday Roundup - 23rd March

Having spent the last 2 weeks wrapped up in work stuff, this week was about the children. It has hardly stopped raining since last Saturday (until this morning, when it turned to snow for a few hours!) and we have all been nursing colds, so cosy was in order as far as possible. We didn't do anything extra.
On Monday night R visited the Fire Station with Cubs. He only has a few meetings left before he goes up to Scouts, so we are working hard to finish the requirements of his Silver Arrow before then. This week that has involved keeping  a record of his sport and healthy eating.

As his SATS approach, the amount of homework he is set is increasingly and, contrary to my expectations, he has responded by a complete turnaround in attitude. He now says "I'm going to do my maths now and my grammar tomorrow." And he does it. I can't quite believe it, but I'm very grateful as until recently every assignment meant an hour of tears and tantrums before he would set pen to paper.
All 3 rainy photos were taken at the same time, just adjusting the settings on my camera
M is a very different child. Now in Year 1, she has only just started bringing home homework and she is as keen as mustard to do it as soon as she gets in. I saw her teacher at Parents' Consultation evening on Tuesday and received a glowing report. Great to hear that she is doing so well academically as well being a bright, friendly and creative girl.

She is super-excited to have discovered her first wobbly tooth. We should have a visit from the Tooth Fairy soon!

As the end of term approaches, P sang the finale from Les Miserables with the staff choir at his school concert. Wish I had been able to go and hear him.


alexa said...

Hope you are all feeling better ... Miserable when it's grim outside too. And lovely to read about all the academic success! Well done to both (and you. of course, too). Hope you all enjoy a great break at Easter.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Definitely a rainy post! Isn't it amazing to see the kids start to take responsibility for themselves?