Saturday, 2 March 2013

February in Numbers



3 nights in hospital for my Dad
£56.10 saved by changing my car insurance
139 photos taken in 4 hours at the Harry Potter Studio
12 pancakes tossed and eaten
4 days of snow showers, though none settled on the ground
£125 raised at a school Cake Bake and Secondhand Uniform sale
2 lunches out
1 Valentine Disco
1 school trip to Windsor Castle
Countless beautiful butterflies at RHS Wisley
2 Valentine cards made by M and me. 1 received (M, not me)
That was February. Quite a lot packed into 28 days.
Brought to you in association with Julie Kirk's Month in Numbers


Tamara said...

Great pages and numbers. Have a good March.

Julie Kirk said...

Oh I can easily imagine how you took that many photos at the Harry Potter Studio - I'd love to go!

The 2ndhand uniform sale sounds like such a sensible idea. I've never heard of one before.

Your book seems to be working great at storing your numbers and your ephemera too.

You're on the board now:

Wishing you a happy March and best wishes to your Dad.

Julie :-)

Nanna Kate said...

Yep hope your Dad's ok now and that your March is great! X