Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday Roundup 2nd February

The last week in January already. The snow has gone and been replaced by rain and high winds. A 'weather bomb', apparently! 

This week saw our church saying goodbye to our rector of 23 years as he has retired. The church was packed for his lovely final service. We are now facing a period with no regular leader, which will be a challenge for the church family.

The International Club, which I run at college, organised a whole-college event on Tuesday to celebrate International Customs Day. We sold food from Pakistan and Nepal, ran competitions to identify flags and thread beads, and offered henna tattoos. I was very proud of how the event turned out; lots of the British students showed an interest and we raised almost £50 for charity in one lunch hour.
The Vice Principal trying to identify flags

We have also had confirmation that R has a place at the school I chose in the second round of viewings earlier this month. He is really happy with this, and I am coming around to the idea. Now he just has to get ready for SATS in May. I attended an information evening about them this week, and I realise what a big step up they are from the work R's been doing so far. I only ask that he performs to his own personal best, but I worry that  primary school has lower expectations than I do. The amount of homework his class is set has tripled since he went into Year 3 and R is only now getting used to that (as am I!) so I will need to find him a lot more time for private study over the next few months.

I've had various bits of bad news, which I can't share here as they concern other people and also heard that my darling Dad needs to have a prostate operation next week, so I'll be praying hard for all of them. Sometimes it's tough being a grownup!


Sian said...

It is. yes. hard being a grown up. Thinking about you over the weekend and beyond.

humel said...

I am sorry to hear that there are some difficult things going on at the moment. Thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers x

Alison said...

Hope your dad's surgery goes well, and that things work out with your're IS hard being an adult sometimes!
Alison xx

Amy said...

Oh yes, being a grown up is not easy!
Good luck with all of the challenges you're facing - we're thinking of you from down here too.